Why Women Are Taking Up Golf At Record Rates

women golfersHere's the truth, ladies: an interest in golf is all that's really required to get started. 

Golf organizations and golf clubs are putting an emphasis on embracing and welcoming female golfers. While it’s reported that women make up fewer than 25 percent of golfers, more professional women are taking up the game and enjoying some of the inherent advantages the game offers.

As with most things, there are different levels and abilities. In other words, no matter where you are in your golf game, you won’t be alone. It might take a bit to get up to speed on the basics, but the good news is, newbies to the game of golf (particularly women) seem to come to the course with an open mind and realistic expectations regarding the lifetime of learning golf can bring.

New Golfer Tips

  • Golf’s handicap system levels the playing field by enabling golfers with widely disparate handicaps to enjoy a competitive game together.

  • Different tees permit each golfer to play the tee box that is right for their skill level. For example, players who drive under 200 yards should play from the closest tee, while players driving 275+ yards should play from the farthest tee.

  • And very little of the game is actually spent hitting the ball. It’s the interaction between shots that proves most enjoyable for many golfers.

  • Learn about where you're playing and don't let the formality trip you up. Get a tour of the clubhouse and golf facilities from a golf professional and have them walk you through the basics. Where to park, where to put your clubs, where to get carts and where to check in. This is a great time to learn how to book a tee time and inquire about lessons.  

  • If your club offers summer programming for kids, this can be a great time for you to get out and play a round or take up scheduled lessons with a golf professional. 

Becoming a Golfer, or a Better Golfer

There are many avenues for women to learn to golf or improve their game. 

Self study. Online videos for beginners provide the basics of grip and swing, as well as drills to improve. There are plenty of articles, books and guides to learn the rules and game terminology. Sporting good stores can advise on the right clubs, golf balls, and other equipment. Driving ranges are great for practice and to develop a comfort level before hitting the course.

A patient friend or family member. Sometimes the best way to learn is to “just do it.” For beginners who are coachable and open to feedback, a friend or family member can offer tips to help get started.

Private lessons. A golf professional can be the most effective way to learn the game. Golf lessons are well worth the investment and can expedite progress.

Golf leagues. Local golf associations are not only great places to learn from golf professionals and play in tournaments, but they also afford the opportunity to meet fellow golfers, who can become practice buddies and playing partners. 

At Valley, we're proud of our Women's Golf Association (WGA) that supports a group of almost 200 golfers. These ladies enjoy the camaraderie, games and competition that comes with golf. Our WGA sponsored activities provide opportunities to improve our game and meet new people. Valley Country Club supports our Membership with two days of organized play each week, as well as other golf and social events for WGA Members and their guests.

Like most pursuits, golf requires practice in order to improve. So get out and start swinging.

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