Taking the Fear Out of Learning to Golf as an Adult

learning to golf as an adultThere are a lot of reasons to learn to golf as an adult, maybe you want to meet new people, maybe your spouse is a golf-nut and you want to spend more time together, maybe you have just always wanted to give it a try, whatever your reason to learn, we want to take the fear out of learning to golf as an adult.

A great first step in your golfing journey is to sign up for a few lessons. Valley Country Club offers lessons for beginners and seasoned golfers alike. New golfer lessons give you a great foundation and help take some of the frustration out of the game. Those first lessons are a great time to see if you really will enjoy the game, too.

As you’re considering kicking off this new adventure, talk to some non-golfer friends or family members and see if they might join you. Golf is a social game and having fellow rookie players out there with you will give you some support along the way. And when you're done with your lessons and practice sessions, you have someone to hit the 19th Hole with! (That’s what we call the bar.)

What Will Lessons Cover?

That big bag full of clubs can be intimidating – not to mention all of the terminology that golfers use. Your first lessons will strip back the mystique and answer some of the most basic questions including the different parts of the golf club (grip, shaft, head, etc.), the different types of clubs and which should actually be in your bag. You will also learn how to properly hold your clubs and how to position your body to get the most out of your swing and yes, even how to swing the club.


After your lesson you’ll want to hit the driving range to work on the things you’ve learned. Though you’ll see those big buckets of range balls, don’t bite off more than you’re ready for. Start small, it’s not worth exhausting yourself. Hit ten or 12 shots with each of the clubs that you worked on with the teaching pro and call it a day. Even if you are already active in other sports, it’s surprising how tired you’ll be after the driving range. These are muscle groups you haven’t been using.

After you’ve hit the range for a couple of weeks, it’s time to take the next step and get yourself onto the course. No, you’re not going to play 18 holes. Like practicing at the range, start small. Head to the 3-hole practice course and play a couple of rounds. See what it’s like to be teeing off of the tee box, hitting from the fairway and putting out. 

Build Your Confidence

Golf is a game of traditions and one of the biggest is courtesy. When you think you’re ready to play your first 9 holes, don’t schedule a time at 8 am on a Saturday. Nobody wants to golf with a low-handicapper (good golfer) breathing down their neck. Call the pro shop and ask when there are some slower times when you could play. 

During your lessons you’ll start learning about the rules of golf and the first rule about learning to golf is that the rules are flexible. You’re not joining the PGA Tournament here – you’re learning. If you get to a hole and it looks too long, go to the shortest tee box. Still too long? Go ahead and find a spot that works for you. We want you to have a good time. That goes for bunkers and rough grass, too. If you’re not ready to try hitting it out yet, pick up your ball and drop it in a spot that’s more comfortable (do remember to follow the bunker etiquette and rake your tracks). Eventually you will have the confidence to play a full 18 holes while paying attention to all of the rules, but why stress about it while you’re first learning? 

Get Social 

Now that you’ve played a few rounds and are feeling like you can share your skills with coworkers and friends, it might be a good time to consider one of Valley Country Club’s Social Golf Outings or a Casual Golf Group. Women golfers may want to check out the Wednesday night Casual Golf Group. This weekly outing is a great time to play a little golf and enjoy the social aspects of being on the course. The annual couples tournaments are among the most popular events each year at Valley. Some favorites include: 

  • The Couples Firecracker Tournament. This spectacular red, white and blue 18-hole tournament includes admission to the 4th of July Pool Party and buffet. 

  • The Halloween Heaven & Hell Tournament.  This spooktacular event promises an easy outing for the first nine holes - but be ready for a bigger challenge on the second nine holes.

  • The Polar Bear Tournament. The weather might be frightful but this January tournament is a great break from the winter blues.

Ready to Start?

PEAK Golf Academy at Valley Country Club offers some great options for beginning golfers including a package of individual or group lessons and supervised practices so you can be sure that you’re getting the most out of your lesson time.  The Valley pros understand that adults have lives off of the golf course so they have made the options very flexible and if you still don’t see something that fits your needs, you can pick up the phone and they’ll be happy to help create a program just for you. 

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