Summer Vacation at Valley: 2020 Programs and Sports for Kids

Though we have a couple more months of chilly temperatures and kids in the classroom, summer will be here before you know it. As working parents, we know summer is a vacation for the kids, but it’s anything but a vacation for the adults. Whether you’ve got young children who need to burn off some energy, elementary kids who want to take on a new sport, or teenagers looking for volunteering opportunities, Valley Country Club has you covered! 

We are excited to jump into our fifth year of Youth Programming at Valley Country Club. The opportunities our Youth Activity Center provides for families during the summer months is like no other club around. The 2020 Junior Programming Guide has everything you need to know about our summer programming and daily activities. Start planning your summer, there are plenty of options! 

Why Women Are Taking Up Golf At Record Rates

Here's the truth, ladies: an interest in golf is all that's really required to get started. 

Golf organizations and golf clubs are putting an emphasis on embracing and welcoming female golfers. While it’s reported that women make up fewer than 25 percent of golfers, more professional women are taking up the game and enjoying some of the inherent advantages the game offers.

As with most things, there are different levels and abilities. In other words, no matter where you are in your golf game, you won’t be alone. It might take a bit to get up to speed on the basics, but the good news is, newbies to the game of golf (particularly women) seem to come to the course with an open mind and realistic expectations regarding the lifetime of learning golf can bring.

Teaching Kids Golf: Life Lessons Learned on the Course

You’ve likely heard someone repeat the old axiom “Golf teaches life lessons.” But what are those lessons? We often say the cliché’ without expanding on the teaching that will happen. We know that golf reveals character, but folks talking about life lessons say the game builds character, also. So, isn’t it better to learn our lessons early in order to make use of them rather than just see them revealed on the back nine of our lives?

The answer is yes, and golf is great for kids to learn life lessons while playing the game. Here are a handful of lessons from golf that you might want to see your child exhibit.

Benefits of Joining a Country Club for the Whole Family

After a lot of online research and talking with some country club members he knows, dad finally decides to test the waters at the dinner table with his family: “How would you guys feel about joining the local country club?” Following a short, awkward silence, the kids strike up in unison: “That’s boring—there’s nothing to do.” And his spouse utters the phrase he was fearing: “We’re not really the country club type, dear.” Plan rejected. Dinner’s not going to taste very good.

But the dad, in this case a competitive golfer with grade-school age children whom he would like to spend more quality time with and whose wife has only dabbled in the game, must not give up so easily. What his family members are espousing are the stereotypical myths against joining a country club that have been uttered forever. And in today’s world of private country clubs, they are so far from the truth. 

In fact, expertise or even interest in golf is not a requirement to join a club, plus there is so much to do outside of the fairways that even the most screen-centric child will find themselves clamoring for the next country club event on the schedule.